The 23 smallest positions in my Dividend Portfolio

The 23 smallest positions in my Dividend Portfolio

I’m excited to start presenting my Dividend Portfolio. I have so many holdings (right now 53!) that I decided to split it up in a couple of posts. Before you go through these companies, be sure to have read my dividend strategy.

There are many reasons why these companies are at such a low percentage of my portfolio. Some companies – for example Danone, Huvudstaden and Automatic Data Processing – are kind of new-ish holdings that I have initiated only the last couple of months. For these holdings, as with most of these companies below, I would like to buy more shares. For a couple of holdings though, I am hesitant to add more right now. Two examples are eWork Group and Kallebäck Property Invest.

The different holding sizes also strongly depend on my diversification strategy, which I will get back to in the coming weeks and months.

I don’t write the exact percentage for your convenience, and also due to market fluctuations. In any portfolio with many holdings, there are bound to be holdings with a pretty similar size. Since I won’t update the portfolio report on a day-to-day-basis, it makes more sense to round off all positions to whole numbers.

Here are the 23 smallest positions in my Dividend Portfolio.

< 1 % Danone SA (Equiduct: BNp)

< 1 % Nobina (STO: NOBINA)

< 1 % Tre Kronor Property Invest (First North Stockholm: 3KR)

< 1 % Stora Enso Oyj R (OMX Helsinki: STERV)

< 1 % Resurs Holding (STO: RESURS)

< 1 % Handelsbanken A (STO: SHB A)

< 1 % Essity B (STO: ESSITY B)

< 1 % OTIS Worldwide Corp (NYSE: OTIS)

< 1 % Xinyuan Real Estate (NYSE: XIN)

< 1 % Carrier Global Corp (NYSE: CARR)

< 1 % Weyerhaeuser Co (NYSE: WY)

< 1 % Kallebäck Property Invest (First North Stockholm: KAPIAB)

< 1 % Omnicom Group Inc (NYSE: OMC)

< 1 % ICA Gruppen (STO: ICA)

< 1 % Aflac Inc (NYSE: AFL)

< 1 % Portland General Electric Co (NYSE: POR)

< 1 % Hennes & Mauritz B (STO: HM B)

< 1 % STORE Capital Corp (NYSE: STOR)

< 1 % Chevron Corp (NYSE: CVX)

< 1 % Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ: ADP)

< 1 % Hufvudstaden A (STO: HUFV A)

< 1 % eWork Group (STO: EWRK)

< 1 % Tele 2 (STO: TEL2 B)

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