Weekly Action (41/2020)

Weekly Action (41/2020)

Every week I document trades, dividends received and other changes to the portfolios.


Dividend Portfolio

I aim to buy dividend paying stocks each and every week of the year. I just love adding to my income stream and watch in real time how my income stream from dividends keeps increasing!

During this week, I just had to buy some more Altria (NYSE: MO). If you read my company report earlier this week, you know why! Why not read it again?

I bought Altria @ 39,61 USD. That tranche has a forward yield of about 8,7 %. Just amazing for a Dividend King! Altria is now about 8,4 % of my Dividend Portfolio. Let me grab a Budweiser before I continue writing.

Okay, here we go again. There were no sales in the Dividend Portfolio. Buy and hold, baby!

Rocket Portfolio

I maintain about 10 % of my capital allocated to stocks in my growth portfolio  – the rockets! Rockets are awesome and go straight up!

Since I have much less capital in this portfolio, my buys are normally less frequent.

This week however, I bought some shares of Teqnion (First North Stockholm: TEQ) @ 33,00 SEK.

This company is a kind of smaller business that invests in other companies in the industry sector. Right now, I feel this might be a good value. These shares brought Teqnion to about 1,5 % of my Rocket Portfolio.

I also sold part of my holding in G5 Entertainment (STO: G5EN) @ 410,00 SEK. The reason behind this sale was securing some profits and this brought G5 Entertainment down to about 1,7 % of my Rocket Portfolio.

For my profit from G5 Entertainment, I increased my stake in Swedencare (First North Stockholm: SECARE). Swedencare sells health products for pets and now sits at about 3 % of my Rocket Portfolio.

$1 is about 9 SEK.

Dividends received

A normal month for me contains dividends coming in every week of the month. Small but juicy pay-checks landing in my account, without any effort required from me!

I track these weekly dividend based on percentage of my monthly expenses, because money is relative. To one reader, my actual amounts (normally in USD or SEK) in dividends would be a lot of money. To another reader, they would feel like nothing. For me, it makes a lot of sense to think about money in terms of how much one needs compared to how much one gets. When you receive dividends equal to 100 % or more of your expenses, you are financially free.

Dividend Portfolio

My Dividend Portfolio received dividends from Tele2 (STO: TEL2 B).

The dividend from Tele2 included both their ordinary dividend and a special dividend. All in all I received about 0,2 % of my monthly expenses.

If I were American, I would also have gotten my dividends from Altria this friday. In Sweden, at least with my broker, we normally have to wait a few extra days for foreign dividends. Looking forward to monday/tuesday!

Rocket Portfolio

My Rocket Portfolio did not receive any dividends.


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