Weekly Action (40/2020)

Weekly Action (40/2020)

Every week I document trades, dividends received and other changes to the portfolios.


Dividend Portfolio

I aim to buy dividend paying stocks each and every week of the year. I just love adding to my income stream and watch in real time how my income stream from dividends keeps increasing!

During this week, I bought Hufvudstaden (STO: HUFV A) @ 125,30 SEK and Essity B (STO: ESSITY B) @ 298,90 SEK.

1 USD is about 9 SEK.

Hufvudstaden is a Swedish real estate owner (think REIT) that operates some of the most premium locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. My purchase brought Hufvudstaden to a 0,41 % position in my Dividend Portfolio and locked in a yield of about 3,1 %, based on the dividend of 2020. As many Swedish companies, Hufvudstaden pays an annual dividend.

Essity is a Swedish company producing and selling personal health care and hygiene products. One could compare it to for example Kimberly-Clark. Gotta love consumer staples! Essity is now at 0,55 % of my Dividend Portfolio. This tranche locked in a dividend yield of almost 2,1 %, based on the dividend of 2020.

There were no sales in the Dividend Portfolio. Buy and hold, baby!

Rocket Portfolio

I maintain about 10 % of my capital allocated to stocks in my growth portfolio  – the rockets! Rockets are awesome and go straight up!

Since I have much less capital in this portfolio, my buys are normally less frequent.

This week, I bought Admicom (OMXH: ADMCM) @ 77,00 EUR, Alibaba ADR (NYSE: BABA) @ 290,82 USD, and finally Angler (Spotlight market: ANGL) @ 22,10 SEK.

There were no sales in the Rocket Portfolio. Buy and hold, baby, buy and hold!

Dividends received

A normal month for me contains dividends coming in every week of the month. Small but juicy pay-checks landing in my account, without any effort required from me!

I track these weekly dividend based on the percentage of my monthly expenses, because money is relative. To one reader, my actual amounts (normally in USD or SEK) in dividends would be a lot of money. To another reader, they would feel like nothing. For me, it makes a lot of sense to think about money in terms of how much one needs compared to how much one gets. When you receive dividends equal to 100 % or more of your expenses, you are financially free.

Dividend Portfolio

My Dividend Portfolio received dividends from Coca-Cola Co (NYSE: KO), PPL Corp (NYSE: PPL), ICA Gruppen (STO: ICA), Cibus Nordic Real Estate (STO: CIBUS), Xinyuan Real Estate (NYSE: XIN), TransAlta Renewables (TSX: RNW) and finally Kallebäck Property (STO: KAPIAB).

From Coca-Cola, I received a dividend equal to about 0,5 % of my monthly expenses. The same amount was paid by Cibus Nordic Real Estate.

The paycheck from PPL amounted to about 1,5 % of my monthly expenses.

Meanwhile, the paycheck from ICA was only about 0,1 % of my monthly expenses. Same amount landed in the account from TransAlta Renewables.

Xinyuan Real Estate and Kallebäck Property paid me about 0,2 % of my monthly expenses, respectively.

Rocket Portfolio

My Rocket Portfolio is not at all aimed at dividends, albeit some of my rockets pay dividend. Not a problem for me!

This week, my Rocket Portfolio did not receive any dividends.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Action (40/2020)

  1. Why don’t you have a third portfolio with stocks that grow a steady 10-15% with a yield of 3-5%? Some kind of middle thing instead of either or?
    I’m eager too see what kind of rockets you’re looking at!

    1. Thanks for the comment Hund. I actually have a lot of stocks like that! I will disclose my full Dividend Portfolio in the coming weeks. After that, I’ll present the Rockets! Do you have any favourite dividend stock?

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